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Why Is This Night Different?: A Conversion Journey
By Rabbi Nadyne Eliana Lee
April 21, 2021
Our fortieth anniversary celebrated a marriage that had survived 429 tubes of toothpaste squeezed from the wrong end, three children and three sets of braces, five dogs and four homes, 2,583 arguments and just that many reconciliations, one bout of prostate cancer, one near conversion to Judaism, one near divorce, a few months of perfect hate, and forty years of love. We celebrated our forty years of marriage with a three-week trip to South America.
A Plague of Darkness
By Rabbi Michael Strassfeld
March 31, 2020
There is a plague of darkness that has fallen not only on our land but upon the world
The Sea Calls Me Home: A Ritualwell Meditation and Playlist for Passover
By Shoshana Lovett-Graff
April 18, 2019
Let the redemptive power of water wash over you with this elemental meditation and playlist for Passover. 
Marie Kondo & Mussar: Cleansing Home and Soul
By Rabbi Elyssa Cherney
March 13, 2019
Finding joy with conscious tidying
Can You Eat All the Food in Your Pantry Before Passover? Join the #ZeroWastePassover Challenge
By Betsy Teutsch
February 25, 2019
Preparing for Passover is the perfect laboratory for applying Zero Waste principles.
Liberation from Clutter
By Gari Julius Weilbacher
February 12, 2019
How do we liberate ourselves from all the stuff that holds us back?
In Search of a Prayer for the New President
By Alden Solovy
March 21, 2017
The Jewish concept of freedom is not solely about escaping bondage. It’s not freedom “from,” it’s freedom “to.” 
Leaving Egypt: Suicide Prevention and the Questions We Must Ask
By Deborah Greene
May 2, 2016
Whoever saves one life, it is as if he has saved the whole world. (Talmud)
The Passover Project: Building a Jewish Movement Against Modern Slavery
By Maurice Middleberg
April 28, 2016
For tens of millions of people slavery is not an historic relic. It is the brutal reality of their lives.
Religious Books As Art Objects: An Interview with Publisher David Zvi Kalman
By Hila Ratzabi
March 30, 2015
A few weeks ago I saw a sponsored Facebook post announcing the publication of the Asufa Haggadah. While I normally tend to ignore sponsored posts, this one stood out, and I dutifully clicked on the link. Within minutes I was entering my order information for this stunningly gorgeous haggadah. I was not alone. The haggadah has been ordered in 42 states and as far away as Japan. It’s perhaps as “hot” (if not hotter than) the New American Haggadah that debuted in 2012.

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