Category: Daily Prayer & Mindfulness

A Solar Eclipse Deserves a Blessing
By Roger Price
August 17, 2023
Jewish tradition considers an eclipse to be a bad omen. But it should be seen as an occasion for a blessing.
Three Practices of Gratitude
By Alden Solovy
January 25, 2021
Cultivating gratitude for the good which is not yet
And Now for the Good News
By Madeleine Fortney
January 12, 2021
I’m on a mission to recalibrate myself to welcome hope and possibility, with Jewish resilience and gratitude to guide me.
Prayers of the Heart: A Review of Rabbi Dov Singer’s Prepare My Prayer
By Alden Solovy
April 5, 2020
An encyclopedia of archetypical prayers combined with inspirational readings and spiritual practices
Bittersweet Shehekheyanu: A Revised Blessing for Gratitude and Loss
By Ilana Schatz
October 17, 2019
I needed a way to spiritually acknowledge and accept these transitional moments which are a mixed blessing.
Journeying through the Siddur: A Review of Alden Solovy's This Joyous Soul
By Trisha Arlin
March 31, 2019
The Amidah section in my copy of This Joyous Soul is a sea of dog ears
Shalem: Embodied and Mindfulness Practices for Joy on Purim
By Rabbi Lavey Derby and Julie Emden
March 11, 2019
“The presence of the Divine is manifest within a place of joy.”
Embodying Holy Energy through Bellydancing
By Rabbi Cherina Eisenberg
March 7, 2019
Rabbinical school did not teach me about the energy within sacred text or ritual.
Liberation from Clutter
By Gari Julius Weilbacher
February 12, 2019
How do we liberate ourselves from all the stuff that holds us back?
Communal Acts of Private Intimacy: A Review of Trisha Arlin’s Place Yourself
By Alden Solovy
January 7, 2019
Like the liturgists of old, Arlin’s work troubles us where we are too comfortable and comforts us when we are troubled

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