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10 Best DIY Omer Counters

Crafty inspiration for designing your own Omer Counter!

On the evening of March 31st, the second night of Passover, we begin to count the Omer (the 49 days between Passover and Shavuot). (Learn more about the origins of the practice here.) Counting the Omer carries with it infinite possibilities for personalization, inviting us to reflect daily on a different kabbalistic theme and how it applies to our own lives. 
For the crafty among us, it can be fun to design your own Omer Counter, a hands-on way to practice this ritual—and an excellent visual reminder. We’ve collected ten examples of DIY Omer Counters that you can make at home. Many of these are great to do with kids. 

1. Pieces of Flair

We love this idea mainly because it made us revisit the classic film Office Space. As you might recall from the film, 15 pieces of flair were the minimum requirement for employees at Chotchkies, but 37 pieces of flair was held up to an ideal. For the Omer, express yourself with 49 pieces of flair!
Image courtesy of Land of Honey

2. Color Coded

This beautiful Omer Counter, designed by Lieba B. Ruth and Aharon Varady, was inspired by a color schema created by Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi. Use it as inspiration to make your own color schema or download and print theirs for free.
Image courtesy of Lieba Ruth and Aharon Varady via Open Siddur

3. Counting Stick

This gorgeous Omer counter, inspired by an Advent counter idea, utilizes a tree branch with numbers that are marked by what appears to be small bracelet-like object.
Image courtesy of Design Shimmer via Chai and Home

4. Footprints

These adorable little kids created an Omer Counter from their own footprints!

5. Lollipops!

A deliciously creative idea: sew a pocket for each day of the Omer and insert a lollipop (or other treat) each time you count. 
Image courtesy of Fitzgibbon5

6. Legos! 

How cool is this? A lego Omer Counter, replete with lego 10 commandments at the pinnacle. 
Image courtesy of Bible Belt Balabusta

7. Chocolate!

Following along with the lollipop theme, why not chocolate? Tie up little chocolates in small packages with yarn, and attach to one long string of yarn. Voila! Yummy Omer!
Image courtesy of Jew School

8. Sticky Notes

Returning to our Office Space theme, this Omer Counter using sticky notes ensures you won’t forget to count each day. 

9. Number Boxes

Another great one to do with kids, especially when learning numbers, this Omer Counter uses little boxes with foam numbers and objects to count each day.
Image courtesy of Our Country Road

10. Scratch Off

Though you can’t win the lottery with these scratch-offs, you might just reach the pinnacle of Omer counting when you arrive at Shavuot, the moment of divine revelation. Beats winning the lottery? 
Image courtesy of Land of Honey
Have you designed your own Omer Counter? Comment below and tell us about it!
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