Kohenet Rev. Dr. Claudia Hall

Kohenet Rev. Dr. Claudia Hall (she/they) serves as a ritualist in many different ways. As a Parent Ambassador at a local children’s hospital she helps parents navigate the traumatic time of being in hospital with their child. As the first Kohenet in Missouri, they provide private rituals for those not well tended by existing synagogues. As a Consulting Minister with the Unitarian Universalist church she serves a diverse, interfaith group of people with pastoral care, preaching, and education about Judaism. As a shepherd and farmer, they tend 203 acres of land trying to undo the legacy of colonialism and restore the land in honor of the First Peoples who were forced from it. In their downtime she does handcrafts, paints, and enjoys being wife of two wonderful husbands and mom to two children, one here on earth and one in blessed memory.

The Reconstructionist Network

From Brokenness to Healing: Making Meaning through Memoir

We will focus on the definition of trauma, how returning to it can help heal, how writing structure and pacing can help contain it, and how we can revision ourselves before and after. 

Six sessions, starting April 18th

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