Parts of the Seder

The Passover seder is traditionally divided into 15 steps, sometimes viewed as the steps from slavery toward freedom. In addition to the traditional 15 steps, our listing provides the constituent parts of maggid, the telling of the Passover story, as well as several other rituals commonly found at the seder.



By Ronnie M. Horn
A reading about the power hidden in what appears to be a children's game.   more

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By Richard Levy
A poem about haroset, a mixture of apples, nuts and wine, symbolic of the mortar out of which the Hebrew slaves made bricks   more

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A reading about oppression in women's lives along with a personal reflection on black freedom and the Zionist dream   more

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Pesach, Matzah, Maror

From A Journey Towards Freedom: A Haggadah for Women Who Have Experienced Domestic Violence The three symbols of Passover narrated from the perspective of women who survived domestic abuse.   more
Ritual Component

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