Sanctifying Intimate Relationships

Intimate relationships bring two people together in a unique emotional and physical connection. This is something to celebrate, whether through the public festivity of a wedding, or in the private reflection of immersion in the mikveh. Sanctifying our intimate relationships elevates these unions and gives them a context of meaning and joy.

Evolving Vows

By Rabbi Jaimee Shalhevet and Rabbi Helayne Shalhevet
Language for ring exchange that recognizes ever-evolving laws of Moses   more
Ritual Component

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Modern Betrothal Blessing

By Rabbi Jaimee Shalhevet and Rabbi Helayne Shalhevet
Revamping the traditional betrothal blessing to move away from the language of forbidden relationships   more
Ritual Component

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Prayer for Change

By Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer
Looking forward to a day when all loving couples can rejoice under the huppah in a marriage recognized by federal and state law   more

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Recipe for a Ritual

by Rabbi Roni Handler
When Freedom to Marry, an organization dedicated to ending marriage discrimination, posted about my essay in Tablet Magazine, I was astounded by the tremendous response to the post and by the...  more
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