Covenant & Naming Rituals

Historically, Jewish people have formally welcomed boys into the covenant with God, marking the occasion with celebration and circumcision. The birth of a girl was met with joy, but no ritual or communal celebration. We offer a variety of ways to formally welcome both girls and boys. You’ll also find naming rituals and blessings for parents, grandparents and children.

Secular Humanist Meditation

From Humanistic Judaism, Winter/Spring 1999 "Creating a Baby Naming Ceremony," (Beth Haskala, Rochester Society for Humanistic Judaism.)
A parents' pledge to their infant son   more

Tags: Humanist

With All My Heart

By Rabbi Maggie Wenig, adapted from the poem by Rabbi Judy Shanks
A mother's prayer for the health and well-being of her new baby and the wisdom to raise her   more

Bring Me Good Guarantors

from Shir HaShirim Rabba 1:24
A reading based on a traditional text in which God withholds the Torah from the Jews until they can offer good guarantors. God rejects the ancestors and the prophets, but accepts the children as good guarantors. Can be said by grandparents.   more