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On the Path to Liberation: A Jewish Men’s Series

Led by Dor & Ophir Haberer
March 2, 9, 16, 23, 7:00pm–8:30pm ET
$144 for four sessions
We are excited to invite Jewish men* to join us on a four-week ritual journey in preparation for Passover & our own liberation. Together we will explore our individual and collective mitzrayim or narrow places, and see what Jewish tools we can lean on to find a greater expanse in our bodies and in our lives. The practices will include writing, poetry, Hebrew chanting, meditation, altar (mizbeakh) creation, biblical male archetype exploration, four-element study and ceremony inspired by Temple ritual protocol. So much of our conditioning has been designed to distance us as men, to become contracted in connection. This series offers another possibility.
Our first session will focus on strengthening ourselves as a tribe and encountering Jewish rituals that support connection. Our second session will explore hametz, or the toxic masculinity that affects our relationships and lives. In our third session, we will cleanse the hametz, letting go and reflecting on the patterns and traits we no longer wish to carry. Finally, we will reach liberation, claiming our fullest, most vibrant expression of masculinities as we dive into rituals for embodying the land of milk and honey.
Outline of Sessions

First Session: Connection (Strengthening ourselves as a tribe to be able to come together to leave our individual mitzrayim/Jewish rituals that support connection)
Second Session: Exploring Hametz (Toxic Masculinity) and all the things that inflate our lives
Third Session: Reflection/Letting go of traits/patterns we don’t carry anymore (cleaning of the hametz)
Fourth Session: Claiming our fullest most vibrant expressions of masculinities (rituals for embodying the land of milk & honey)
* including male-identified or male-socialized people, trans men and cisgender men


All sessions will be recorded and available to participants. You may join the session live or watch recordings at your own convenience.

To view our full list of online learning opportunities visit: www.ritualwell.org/learn

Dor & Ophir Haberer have been organizing and facilitating Jewish Men’s Spaces for the last few years. They weave together both Sephardic/Mizrahi and Ashkenazi Jewish rituals with embodied healing to deepen connection, vulnerability, authenticity and accountability. They have also partnered with various Jewish organizations to introduce these spaces, including JOFEE, Urban Adamah, Wilderness Torah, Jewish Federation of LA, Mitsui Collective and Moishe House. Ophir also runs the MenschUp program for Shalom Bayit, the Bay Area’s center for domestic violence prevention in the Jewish community. Dor also run’s self-care groups for male-identified folks, offering tools and practices to help them live healthier, more balanced lives.


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