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From Brokenness to Holiness: Engaging the Creative Mind to Heal the Wounded Will

Led by D’vorah Horn 
Mondays, March 1, 8, 15 and 22, 2021 7:00–8:15 PM ET
$144 for four sessions 
It is normal to feel a sense of brokenness these days. Whether your brokenness is a result of your struggle with this year’s political events, or due to separation from family, friends, or work; whether you experience the brokenness of having no childhood memories, or feel it in the shattered earth’s struggle to heal from misuse: whatever brokenness you experience, it is your will that suffers. It is the will that is drained to the point of exhaustion.  
This immersion will take participants on a journey of exploring and employing intentional processes and practices to engage with brokenness. The goal is not to fix anything but rather to bring what the brokenness has revealed to a place of holiness in our lives. With the return to holiness we return to the energy of the will. We return to the energy of the creative. 
Session 1: Claiming the Brokenness. How do we reclaim what is broken and begin to create holiness from that place? We will begin by exploring a path with an experiential unspoken process that D'vorah has used for many years in her private practice.  
Session 2: The Day Before (before we leave Egypt). An exploration of the woundedness of enslavement (self-enslavement) of the mind, body, spirit, and will. D'vorah will provide a teaching and direct guidance in how to construct an intentional process to liberate the Self and become ready to receive holiness. 
Session 3: Not Forgetting. Exploring other practices for moving from brokenness to holiness. Participants will look at a Teshuvah practice and the marriage covenant (ketubah) after divorce. D'vorah will guide us in creating a Medicine Memory Wheel, a way to recover memories for healing.
Session 4: Mending others. Serving others in our communities for healing from brokenness.  Participants will explore ways to take their practices out into the world for the benefit of others. D’vorah will lead us in a creative practice of planting seeds of wisdom, honoring elders and supporting youth.


All sessions will be recorded and available to participants. You may join the session live or watch recordings at your own convenience.

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D’vorah Horn is an artist, a guide, a mentor and a mender. She has worked for over 16 years with dreams, expressive practices and guidance for adults and over 39 years with schools, families, children and teens. She has a private practice in her studio in Cheltenham, Pa., and is the founder of the non-profit Mending Spirit: Art for Healing. She holds a Masters in Education, in Human Development (MSW) and multiple credentials in Montessori Education. www.dvorahhorn.com  


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