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  • "Gift me with good health, love, blessings and peace in this New Year."
    Rabbi Debra Smith
  • "With the start of each season/We have the chance to plant kindness and acceptance"
    Maia Conrad
    a sunrise peering through a rocky beach terrain
  • "Yet turning to You for strength/Is as natural as breathing air"
    Suzanne Sabransky
    A Black woman wearing a yellow sun dress stands in a green field lined with trees and holds her hands above her head in a V shape
  • For forming our own words of comfort about the pandemic before the recitation of Sh’ma
    Devon Spier
    Rabbi Vivie Mayer is sitting on a bench in a green field next to a lake with a tallit covering her head.
  • "Once a week in this world we get to / Imagine"
    Rabbi Tova Leibovic- Douglas
    A forest filles with trees whose leaves have started to turn colors and fall. The sun is shining through the branches and running through the middle is a stream
  • "May they be met every day with the gratitude and the support that they deserve"
    Cantor Vera Broekhuysen
    we see the profile of a person with dark brown hair pulled back in a pony tail. They have fair skin and are wearing a medical gown and gloves. They are pulling the mask down off of their face over their chin and looking off to the left out of a window.
  • "Sweeping the leaves out of the drain, I think of change ..."
    Terry Boyle
    hands holding large yellow leaves, covering a face

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