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  • "God of change, / We are afraid to look straight into Your face"
    Rabbi Sonja K. Pilz, PhD
    person shown from behind looking at sunset or sunrise with gray clouds on horizon and hills
  • "With the start of each season/We have the chance to plant kindness and acceptance"
    Maia Conrad
    a sunrise peering through a rocky beach terrain
  • The LIMBIC system controls the behavioral and emotional responses that we need to survive: feeding, reproduction, caring for our young, and fight or flight responses.
    Rabbi Gila Colman Ruskin
    purple crocuses bloom in a grassy field
  • "God, without boundary, / please widen our gaze..."
    Cathy Cohen
    black woman with afro staring up and over her shoulder, bare tree in the background
  • Blessed are you, Creator of the Universe, who commands us to study our fringes and fashion our communities like prayers shawls, that they grow to inclusively shelter all people
    Devon Spier

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