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Tu Bishvat Seder, by Rabbi Me'irah Ilinsky

by Rabbi Me'irah Ilinsky

A book delineating the order for a fruit meal to aid participants in celebrating the Jewish holiday of Tu BiShvat, the Birthday of the Trees. The eating of three types of fruits, soft throughout, those with a pit, and those with a rind symbolize the four dimensions in which we experience our lives, according to 16th-century mystics. (The world of spirit is beyond our understanding, and therefore has no fruit.) This "seder" or order of this fruit meal, opens us up to appreciation and thoughtfulness and a more mindful way to conduct ourselves in life. Featuring stunning original artwork by Rabbi Me'irah Ilinsky.

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Found in: Blessings for Food, Tu b'Shevat

Tags: tu b'shevat seder, kabbalah, eco-friendly

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