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Fake News Passover Seder Set

Your Passover guests will delight at the novelty of this timely "fake news" Passover set. The set includes headlines and humorous articles for placemats, afikomen, and matzah

  • 10 paper placemats, each 18 x 12 inches
  • 1 paper afikomen bag
  • 1 paper matzah cover
  • Shipped in a fully recyclable "stay-flat"
  • Price includes shipping
Price: $36.00

Found in: Passover, On the Seder Table, Parts of the Seder, Preparing for Passover, Songs at the Seder Table, Theme Seders

Tags: seder, dayeinu, haroset, four questions, four cups, four children, afikomen, pour out your wrath, bedikat hametz, Elijah, Elijah's cup, kadesh, karpas, maggid, maror, matzah, Miriam, Miriam's cup, mitzrayim, narrow place, nirtzah, orange, ten plagues, yachatz

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