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Ahavah Rabbah: An Abounding Love

Artist: Rabbi Me'irah Ilinsky

With an abounding love You have loved us; with deep compassion You have cared for us…” Siddur/Prayerbook

Whether it be for a wedding, an engagement, a gift of love, or simply a meditation, this image is a tribute to the love that surrounds us. 

We might think of our humanly love as an extension of being surrounded by Divine love. The center of this illumination holds the "thirteen petalled rose," symbolizing the 13 Holy Attributes that we recount on Yom Kippur. Together, they make up one of the mystical names of the Divine. The whole is set in the Star of David, signifying balance. Wild roses bloom outward, the natural world surrounding us, in which we have been privileged to be born; the thorns, our challenges.

Giclee fine art print. Size: 10" square.

Price: $100.00

Found in: Pregnancy & Childbirth, Covenant & Naming Rituals, Childhood Milestones, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Driver's License, First Menstruation, Leaving Home, Graduation, Honoring Relationship Milestones, Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies, Coming Out, Gender Transitioning, Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Conversion, Healing Services, Healing from Illness, Pursuing Justice, Daily Prayer & Mindfulness, Month of Elul, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Friday Evening, Saturday

Tags: anniversary, chosen family, engagement, erusin, same-sex wedding, sheva brakhot, wedding, heart, love, LGBTIQ, LGBTQ, lesbian, gay, gender inclusive, joy, blessing, meditation, conversion, creation, hope, shema

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