Ya'alat Chen – A Graceful Gazelle

From the Itim Institute

Ya'alat chen, ha'almah, ni'imah, kililat yofi, bat etanim.
Kumi, uri, ki ba orech vi-zaharech, vi-kumi tzahali birinanim.
Kumi adi tzanif miluchah, nisuchah, vi-livshi shani im adanim, u-mishbatzot shesh vi-rikmot, ki mikol almot, navit vi-yafit hadurah, kishurah ba'avotot, chashkech mi-lifanim, yi'ash'ruch, kol banot, bi-tof vi-chinor umicholot.
Einayich zor'kim totach u-mafte'ach, s'fatayich k'mo choot shanim, shinayich kab'dolach, rakatech k'mo pelach rimon.
Vi-zot komatech yafit vi-damit, litamar ni'imat shoshanim.

A graceful gazelle is the young maiden, lovely, a paragon of beauty, the daughter of the mighty ancients,
Arise for the time has come that your light and radiance should shine; arise and exult in song.
Arise and bedeck yourself in the headdress of royalty, and adorn yourself in luxuriant scarlet,
In expensive linen and embroidered garments, since of all young maidens, you are the most beautiful and fair, adorned and wrapped in plaits.
Your desire is before you; the daughters will exalt her with a drum, harp, and dance.
What is your connection, daughters, with my beloved; I am my beloved's and his desire is towards me.
Cinnamon, also spices, and also fine linen and emerald,
Gems with gleaming, brilliant pearls,
Your eyes are open and shoot darts, your lips are like threads of scarlet,
Your teeth are like crystal, your cheek is like a segment of a pomegranate,
And this is your stature; you resemble and are as beautiful as a palm tree, the loveliest of the lilies.