The Story of Moses: An Adoption Hagadah

Found In: Starting a Family, Theme Seders

Tags: adoption

By Michele Kriegman | Complete Ceremony

Michele Kriegman's Adoption Hagadah is a full Passover seder intended for everyone who is involved with adoption: birth parents, adoptive parents and adopted children.

Kriegman uses the story of Moses in the Book of Exodus as a paradigmatic adoption story -- Moses is given away by his birth mother, Yocheved, who can no longer care for him, adopted by Pharaoh's daughter, Batya, and brought up as an Egyptian in Pharaoh's palace. Moses embarks upon a long journey in which he rediscovers his birth people and liberates them from Egypt.

Kriegman also uses the traditional elements of the seder to recount various aspects of the adoption story. Thus, karpas, the parsley dipped in salt water, symbolizes the tears of the birth mother. The narrative of the ten plagues of Egypt is used to recount the difficulties of the adoption process for the adoptive parents.

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