Driver's Prayer

By Rabbi Michael Graetz, Mercaz Shiluv Educational Center of the Negev


Elokeynu, Vi Elokey Avoteynu,
Elokey Avraham Visarah,
Elokey Yitschak virivkah,
Elokey Yaakov, Rachel viLeah,

Our God and God of our ancestors,
God of Abraham and Sarah,
God of Isaac and Rebecka,
God of Jacob, Rachel and Leah,

Hagi eynu lishalom limchoz cheftseynu,
Vihachzireynu lishalom liveyteynu,

Enable us to reach our destination safely,
And bring us back to our home in shalom.

Teyn bilibi lishaskil ki kol adam nivra bitsalmecha,
Vihamatsil nefesh achat k'ilu hitsil olam maley,

Put it into our hearts to understand
That every human being is made in Your image, And that whoever saves one life, it is as if he saved a whole world.

Chanei binah lihavin she'eyn davar yakar meychayey adam,
Lo ziman, lo kesef, lo kavod, lo nikamah,

Put into us the wisdom to understand
That there is nothing more precious than human life...
Not saving a few minutes,
Not making a bit more money,
Not honor,
Not revenge.

Azor na li linhog
Bizihirut lishmor merchak,
B'adivut latet zichut kadimah,
B'aranut  la atzor bizman,

Help me to drive
With care keeping a safe distance,
With manners giving the right of way,
With awareness so as to stop in time.

Teyn bi hagvurah lishlot biyetser hara
Shel kinah vitachrut, sinah vichamdanut,

Give me the discipline to control my evil impuse,
That is really what it is
To control my jealousy, my competitiveness, my anger, and my greed.

Al na tihey takala al yadi,
Vilo etkal befega ra,

May I cause no accident,
And may none befall me.

Lima'an na'avod otcha b'emet,
Ulma'an narbeh kidushat hachayim ba'olam,

So that we may be able to serve You sincerely,
And so that we may increase the Holiness of life in this world.

Ken yihi ratson. Amen.

So may it be. Amen.