Historically, Judaism has offered little for women suffering with the pain of infertility. Thankfully, over the last 25 years, Jewish women have transformed the canon of Jewish ritual. Jewish women have both created new rituals grounded in traditional practices and language and have unearthed prayers and rituals from our past written by and for women, responding to their lives and needs.

A Longing for Children

By Julie Stockler | Article
This essay on grieving the inability to bear children relates the author's dialogue with her deceased grandmother about whether she has the permission to mourn.  [more]

Found In: Infertility

Prayer before an Examination

By Rabbi Michelle Goldsmith | Prayer
This prayer aims to bring a spiritual presence to the potentially sterile and technological experience of a doctor's visit  [more]

Found In: Infertility

Prayer for Those Having Difficulty Conceiving

By Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin | Prayer
This prayer, based on the Song of Songs and Psalm 22, for those having difficulty conceiving is phrased in the plural and written in the voice of a married couple. It is easily adaptable for an infertile person to say on her or his own.  [more]

Found In: Infertility