Secular Holidays

Secular holidays give us the chance to widen our communities of celebration. We can join with other Americans for prayer, introspection or community service, as we observe holidays that connect us to each other. We can also interpret these holidays in a Jewish context, understanding them in light of the texts and experiences of our people.

Mother's Day Blessing

Rabbi Nathan Martin & Matt Utterback
A Mother's Day ritual in which children share what they most like and appreciate about their mothers.   more
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Inauguration Day

By Rabbi Deborah Glanzberg-Krainin, Ph.D.
I don’t worry about whether or not the incoming president was “my” candidate: on Inauguration Day I always feel the excitement borne of possibility and good will.   more
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Lift Every Voice

by JM Poses
Elections provide us with an opportunity to organize our personal values and community commitments. The act of voting can be a first step toward becoming the engaged citizens we aspire to be.   more
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