A Guide to LGBTIQ Resources on Ritualwell

Found In: Gender & Sexual Identity


Ritualwell maintains a large collection of rituals, prayers and blessings that addresses the concerns and life experiences of people in LGBTIQ communities. As a progressive Jewish site, our goal is to present LGBTIQ material as integral to contemporary Jewish life. On our site, we take two simultaneous approaches to our presentation of this material.  We have integrated LGBTIQ life cycle resources into our general collection.  This reinforces that LGBTIQ Jews are important stakeholders in the Jewish story.  In addition, we feel that users who are less familiar with queer approaches to Jewish ritual might be inspired by these resources.

While it is our first priority to present LGBTIQ material in the context of our general collection of Jewish rituals, we recognize that it is important for this material to be easily accessed.  This is why we have created tags for LGBTIQ content and same-sex weddings

Below you will find a list of some of the sections on our site that are especially rich in LGBTIQ resources, as well as a list of some of our favorite rituals and resources.  As always, we invite your contributions to our growing collection of rituals, prayers, blessings, and ceremonies.  We hope you will join us in ensuring that the Jewish community continues to become ever more diverse and supportive of all those who wish to be a part of our community.

Samples of our material:

Gender and Sexual Identity
Coming Out
Gender Transitioning
Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies
Starting a Family

Some of our favorites: